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Why a Senior Dachshund Might Just Be the Right Dog for You

The eldest dogs are often ignored or overlooked at adoption shelters because they don't have as much time left as a younger dog. But they still crave warmth, love and a comfortable home. 


Will you help change their lives?


Many of us think about getting a dog when striving for joy. The way they smile, get excited and love you for their whole lives lays petals of affection in our homes. 


But whilst many may think about bringing a puppy home, you should consider that there is something extraordinary about bringing a senior Dachshund into your home. 


In this article, we’ll take you through all the best bits about living with a Senior Dachshund, hoping you’ll consider the heartwarming opportunity to make a difference in a senior dog's life. 


The Beauty of Living with a Senior Dog:

Look, you may have your heart set on getting a puppy. It’s what they all include in the films, what all our friends talk about, and perhaps, we want them around for a long time. But there are plenty of stressful moments with a puppy - namely, it’s incredibly similar to having a newborn, except for the fact that these can run away from you. 


So, let’s go into some of the reasons why a senior dog may actually be a fantastic option!

Predictable Size and Behavior:


When you first get a puppy, they’re tiny. It’s as simple as that. They continue to grow as you foster, care for, and love them. Sometimes, more than we wish for. 


But one of the charms of adopting a senior Dachshund is that there’ll be no surprises regarding the dog's size. They come literally, as shown to you in the shelter. 


This will also give some insight into the behaviour of your dog. With puppies, you need to spend hours training and dedicating time to nurturing them in their environment so that they can embed these behaviours when they grow older. It’s a timely task. 


Unlike a puppy, senior Dachshunds already have their behaviours embedded. It’s personality will have been well-established, allowing for some predictability. When thinking of your lifestyle, you have more of a chance of perfectly matching your lifestyle with your dog’s personality. 


Don’t want to go on miles upon miles of walks every day? You can find a dog that enjoys a short walk. 


Beyond the Destructive Phase:


Has anyone ever heard of a safe puppy room? When you first get a new dog, it’s almost like a rite of passage that they’ll chew through wires, walls, cushions or shoes. Most of this behavior is due to mouthing as their teeth grow in and partly because of their uncontained excitability. 


However, senior Dachshunds typically would have outgrown the exuberant and destructive behavior commonly associated with younger dogs. For once, your expensive shoes, newly decorated furniture and expensive wires are safe from the playful mischief that comes with younger puppies. 


A well-mannered senior Dachshund means safety within your home. Not only does it provide you with a sense of ease and security that you won’t come downstairs in the morning to find your house ripped apart, but also your dog will be able to read your emotions. If they can tell you’re not stressed, it will help them settle into your loving home. 


Fitness and Vitality:


A common misconception is that older dogs are slow, old and lacking energy. And what makes a great partnership between dog and owner is the energy they both bring one another. 


However, senior Dachshunds can actually be highly fit, full of strength and love - especially when they’re treated well and looked after. 


Here are some ways to keep your older Dachshund active and engaged:

  • Regular exercise
  • Balanced diet
  • Routine vet care


By ensuring that your older friend ticks all of these boxes, they’ll love the long walks, playtime and zesty personality. 


So, whilst you may be thinking about a new puppy's liveliness, an older dachshund can bring the same characteristics. It’s all about giving them the proper lifestyle. And on the plus side - you won’t have to worry about your house getting ripped apart or pee stains on the carpet.



Delicate Considerations for Older Individuals:


Sometimes, the thought of adopting a puppy can be daunting. You know you want a pet dog to create a loving bond with but are unsure how you’ll cope. Well, this makes adopting an older dachshund perfect:


  1. They’re calmer
  2. Less intensive training
  3. Valued companionship


So, if you’re unsure whether you have the energy, patience or dedication to training a brand new puppy that takes serious work, maybe a senior dachshund could be an option. 


Of course, you’ll still have to train your dog at the beginning of your journey together; you’re just strangers for now. But over time, training will take much less effort to get them where you want to be - especially when you handpick them from the shelter. 


Making a Difference in a dogs life


Often, the eldest dogs are ignored or overlooked at adoption shelters because they don’t have the cute puppy eyes. But a dachshund has this very distinct look in their eyes at any age. And no matter what age, they still crave warmth, love and a comfortable home. By adopting a senior dachshund, not only will they bring happiness, joy and companionship to your life, but you’ll give them a second chance at experiencing love and care - making their last few years the best they’ll ever experience. 


And isn’t that just something quite special?