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International chic for the fashion conscious dog

Understatement and comfort the dachshund way

Dachshund owners all seem to have the same problem: you need a coat long enough for the body shape of your four legged friend but want a design to suit your style. Trying to buy coats for Carlos and Diego, my two dachshunds, was always rather frustrating. I could never find what I was looking for.

That was when I decided to put my bachelor’s degree in fashion design to good use. No more cheap fabrics, odd colours and strange shapes for my dachshunds! 2016 was to change all that. Soon they would be facing those cold Munich winters wrapped up in style. 

However, I had never imagined that my idea would one day turn into a popular dog clothing brand. With the help of social media, dachshunds all over the world were soon wearing Dachshund Couture. The name was a natural progression as it all started in a small atelier where I found myself choosing fine Italian fabrics and creating stylish patterns for my new dog coats.

I can hardly believe that this winter will be our fourth season. We have come up with a whole range of new items for our cute short legged friends. You can choose from beautiful styles and colours that will have your dachshund walking the streets in style. Life with dachshunds is a continuous source of inspiration, so it’s always worth checking out our website to see if we’ve come up with something new. We are busy trying to make our business more sustainable by using natural and recycled materials. However, what I can already guarantee is that this is where you’ll find the finest and most tasteful Dachshund Couture, reflecting the distinctive personality of this very special breed.

We can’t wait to dress your dachshund and hope you find something special!

Carlos, Diego and Julia

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