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International chic for the fashion conscious dog

Meet the Dachshund Lovers!

Hey! We’re so pleased you’re here! 

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks for ensuring your dachshund is kept protected then you’re in the right place! 

We love our four-legged, long-barrel bellied dogs. From dachshund puppies to full grown mini dachshunds, we love to help them all. Whether you call them sausage dogs, miniature dachshunds or wiener - it’s all the same to us. 

Buying Dog Coats for Our Dachshunds

I started out journey from a very similar position you’re in right now. I was the owner of two beautiful dachshund puppies, but could not find a coat that served the purpose of fashion, comfort and protection. 

I was left constantly asking myself: 

Should Dachshund’s wear coats?

What size coat for a miniature dachshund 

I knew that dachshund coats had to cover the length of their whole elongated body. Not just part of it. That’s like putting on a coat without a hat. 

But it seemed as if I wasn’t the only one. All dachshund owners seem to have a common problem: finding a dachshund coat long enough for their unique body shape but in a fashionable design to suit one's own style. Buying dog coats in the past for my two dachshunds, Carlos and Diego was always rather frustrating, never being able to find exactly what I was looking for.

Fashionable Dog Coats in Munich for all kinds of dachshunds starting with Dachshund Puppies to Kaninchen teckel and of course also miniature and Standard dachshunds!

I decided to put my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design to good use - no more cheap fabrics, odd colors and strange shapes for my dachshunds! I wanted to be different from every other brand. I wanted to be sustainable, fashionable, but also focus on giving people a reason why daschund’s need a coat. 

Ultimately, there short-haired nature and low-to-ground body makes it really hard for them to insulate and regulate their own temperatures. And I didn’t feel enough people knew this. 

Of course there were generic dog clothing brands with coats included. But, nothing really suited the long-body of my dachshund puppies at the time. 

In 2018, it all changed. My dachshunds would be facing those cold Munich winters wrapped up in style rather than dressed up.

Turning it into an Trusted Dog Clothing Brand

Not in my wildest dreams had I imagined that my idea of chic dog coats would one day turn into a internationally renowned dog clothing brand. With the support of social media, soon dachshunds all over the world were wearing Dachshund Couture

The brand’s name was a natural progression as it all started in a small atelier where I found myself choosing fine Italian fabrics and creating modern patterns for my new dachshund coats. 

At Dachshund Couture you can choose from different designs in trendy colors and patterns which will have your dachshund walking the streets in style. Since life with one, two or more dachshunds is a continuous source of inspiration it is always worthwhile to check out our Online shop for new dachshund coat designs and much more like dachshund raincoats, jumpers, knitwear etc.

Sustainable Dog Clothing for Dachshunds

We are eager to make our dog clothing business more sustainable everyday by using as much natural and recycled materials as possible, not only in our choice of fabrics but also packaging. Dachshund Couture stands for the finest and most tasteful dachshund fashion reflecting the distinctive personality of this very special breed.  

We can’t wait to clothe your dachshund and hope you find something special at Dachshund Couture

Carlos, Diego and Julia
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