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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size to buy for my dachshund?

The size guide on our website will help you. We have nine sizes. They cater for all shapes and variety of dachshund. Our sizing is not necessarily the same as other dog coat suppliers. That’s why sizes cannot always be compared. When you’re trying to decide which size to buy, the most important thing is the variety of your dachshund and its weight. The length of its back is also important. Read our style guide to find out exactly how this measurement should be taken.

Can you wash our dachshund coats?

Our wool winter coats are best washed by hand, although you can wash them on a gentle wool wash cycle at up to 30 degrees. Do not use fabric softeners and make sure you close all Velcro straps before washing. Leave the coat to dry naturally. Do not tumble dry. Open the Velcro straps, pull the coat into shape and lay it flat to dry. These washing instructions also apply to our parkas.

Our navy and tartan waxed cotton rain coats are made of waxed cotton and are not machine washable. All you need do is rinse them off with a hose to get rid of any excess mud or dirt. You can even re-wax them yourself using a special dressing for waxed jackets. The green and yellow rain coats can be machine washed at up to 30 degrees. Do not use fabric softeners and do not tumble dry.

Traditional Loden is made of a naturally water-resistant woollen material. It is best to air dry our Loden coats and then gently pat or wipe off any dirt. Every so often you can hang them outside
to air.

Returns and exchanges

We allow you to return our coats and other items up to 30 days after purchase. Please send an email to to let us know that you want to return or exchange an item. We only provide returns labels for orders from outside the EU and do not pay the cost of return postage. However, we do offer a free delivery service on exchanges.


Parcel deliveries within Germany are sent with DHL. For deliveries outside Germany we use the courier services of Deutsche Post. When your order has been dispatched we will send you an email containing a tracking number. You can track the shipping status of your order on or For international orders, once your item has left Germany, you can track your parcel on the website of the destination country’s postal service.

Can our dog coats be worn with a harness?

Our parkas feature a zip along the back to accommodate a harness. You can cut your own harness opening in our Loden coats, positioning it in the perfect place for
your dog’s harness. All our other coats are designed without a harness opening.
There are so many different types of harness and the opening would have to be
so long to accommodate them all that your dog might start to feel the cold.
Also, the fabric used in our wool coats is superlight and specifically chosen
for added comfort. A zip would only make the fabric heavier and the coat less attractive. We recommend that you put your dog’s harness on over the coat, or have an opening made for your harness exactly where you need it. We do not take orders to custom sew harness openings as this would mean that you would not be able to return or exchange the item. The most important thing is that the coat fits comfortably. You’ll always be able to find a local professional to sew a harness opening if that is what you want.

Wholesale enquiries

Our winter 2021/2022 collection is only available online and not sold through retailers. However, we do have a showroom in Munich (the address can be found under “Shops”). If you are a retailer and would like to represent us by selling our winter 2022/2023 collection in your shop, we’d love to hear from you in spring/summer 2022.

Can other dog breeds wear Dachshund Couture?

Yes, they can! Our sizes are based on the back length. If the length of your dog’s back is the same as one of our dachshund measurements, it makes no difference if its legs happen to be longer. Just write an email to with a photo, the back length and weight of your dog and we can help you decide which size would be best for your dog.

Do our prices include customs duties?

No, our customers have to pay customs duties themselves. They are not included in what you pay at the point of sale. However, when we ship parcels containing exchange orders this information is written on the shipping label to avoid you having to pay customs duties twice. Instructions on how to complete a customs declaration form for returns sent from abroad can be found on the returns label provided with orders from outside the EU.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, gift vouchers can be bought online from our website. You can choose from different amounts. Contact us by email if you can’t find the amount you are looking for and we’ll create a voucher for that amount.