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Size Chart

Size guide

We wanted to keep it fairly simple for you. Only one measurement is needed, namely the back length. This has to be measured from neck point all the way up to where the tail is about to start, while your dachshund is standing just like in the photo to the left.

The size names in Centimeter length stand for the following dachshund breeds:

  • 30: Mostly for dachshund puppies or very small Kaninchen dachshunds ( approx. 1,5 - 3,5 kgs/ 3.3 - 7.7 lbs)

  • 35: Average length of a Miniature dachshund also known as dwarf teckel/ Zwergdackel and Kaninchen teckel (approx. 3,6 -4,4 kgs (size S) to 4,5-6 kgs (size M) / 7.9-9.7 lbs (size S) to 9.9 - 13 lbs (size M) )

  • 38: For those in between. In the states there is a breed called 'Tweenies', which means they crossed a Miniature and a Standard dachshund. But sometimes a Miniature simply turns out to be a bit longer or a Standard dachshund is a little shorter than average. (approx. 4.5 - 5.4 kgs (size S), 5.5 - 7 kgs (size M) and 7.1- 9.5 kgs (size L) / 10-12 lbs (size S) , 12 - 15.4 lbs (size M) and 15.5 - 21 lbs (size L) )

  • 40: The average length of the Standard dachshund breed. ( approx. 8,5- 10 kgs (size M) and 10 - 12 kgs (size L)/ 18.7 - 22 lbs (size M) and 22 - 26 lbs (size L))

  • 48: The very long ones. XL-Standard is what we call it. (approx. 12 kgs and up/ 26 lbs and up)

Chest and belly straps can be altered since they are made of velcro. Depending on the size of the coat they can be adapted from 3 to 5 cm on the chest and 5 to 8 cm on the belly.

S, M and L means the following:

  • S : for tender and slim dachshunds. Mostly female and juvenile dachshunds fits this size.

  • M: for the average dachshund. This size is generally the most common. If your dachshund is in a fit and normal shape, this is for him or her.

  • L: For a stronger physique. Some dachshunds have a stronger developed chest and shoulder area. Some have a bit more of a belly or are maybe pregnant.

Dachshund love comes in many sizes and we hope we can cater to all of them!


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