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7 Reasons Your Dachshund Should Be Wearing A Coat

For The Cold & Rainy Days

7 Reasons Your Dachshund Should Be Wearing A Coat

Dachshunds are undeniably one of the best looking dogs that help turn your house into a family home that’s filled with love and affection. Their low body profile, large barrel chests and undying loyalty makes them the perfect pet. 

But when it comes to the winter, how can we return the love they give for us? Well, to make your sausage dog most comfortable, you may be thinking of styling them up in a fluffy coat. If you’re cold, they must be cold…right?

Well, in this article we’ll finally reveal that putting a coat on your furry dachshund friend isn’t just a fashion choice, but a conscious need in the winter months. Plus, learn some expert opinions on why some dog breeds really do want a coat for Christmas.

A Message For The Skeptics

Dr Jack L Stephens from Pets Best health insurance suggested:

“Very small dogs have a harder time retaining body heat, so they may need a sweater or coat when outside for extended periods of time during the winter. If your dog is a short-haired breed they may also need cold weather wear."

The PDSA (People’s dispensary for sick Animals) stated that:

“Dogs with fine or thin fur and dogs that are very young, underweight, old or unwell need a warm dog coat when they go out, as they feel the cold much faster than other dogs. They should go out in the cold for shorter periods too.

So, wearing a coat isn’t just for fashion, in fact that’s probably the least important factor. But actually, those short-haired dogs, especially Dachshunds which don’t have a second layer of fur, are vulnerable to cold and wet weather. Just because they have fur on the outside, does not mean it was designed to insulate them. In fact, even though this hunter dog was bred to be outside - the modern day farmer or hunter even puts a jacket on them to ensure their safety is a priority. 

Because when suffering from cold, they can be kept up all night. Painful throwing up, struggling for breath and inability to move - you need to protect your pet from the harsh climate. 

How would you feel if that was your child? Would you let your little child go out into the snow without a coat, hat and gloves? Well, short-furred and elongated bodied dogs like Dachshunds need your help. 

Will you help them?

 Dackel Mantel

Reason #1: Dachshund Physiology

Dachshund’s are known for their low profile and elongated torso; it’s what makes them so unique and attractive to dog lovers. But whilst their unique appearance is attractive to us as humans, it can become quite irritating for man’s best friend when going on walks in frosty grassland. 

The elongated body and large surface area that requires warmth is actually much harder for these dogs. Regulating their own temperature can become quite tricky as their body works hard to push the warm blood around all the different areas. For such a small dog, but a large surface area - it is hard to regulate temperature - meaning during those cold and frosty winter walks - they can become quite chilly. 

And whilst there are plenty of great dog coats out there, they don’t always suit the build of a dachshund. With their elongated bodies, it can be hard to find that layer of protection that reaches down their whole body; often leaving parts of the short-haired pup exposed to the elements. So, whilst it appears to be protecting them - actually they’re suffering without your knowledge. 

Think about humans; if we don’t wear a hat then the heat leaves our body - the same with wearing socks. By going out in cold weather, our bodies become colder as the heat leaves from our head. The same can be said for dachshunds; the coat needs that extra length to cover the whole body - otherwise the heat will start to leave from the exposed area. 

This is especially true, as these breeds tend to walk quite low to the ground. When walking, especially in grassy areas, their cute barrel bellies can be constantly in contact with the frozen flooring - making them extremely susceptible to the cold. 


Reason #2: Short Hair

Going hand-in-hand with their body type, Dachshund or sausage dogs (whichever you fancy calling them) don’t have a very thick natural coat. Unlike husky’s, who were literally born for the snowy freezing climates, Dachshunds short hair makes it extremely difficult to keep the warmth in and the cold out. 

Often short-haired, their elongated bodies leaves them more vulnerable to temperature changes. So, despite their attractive physique their short coats provide limited insulation which makes them susceptible to harm caused by their environment. Choosing a coat for added warmth will not only help with with regulating their body temperature, but it will also ensure they're not missing out on their fun-filled walks with the one person they love the most. 

Not only do coats help to maximise warmth retention, but they actually can help stop your dog from being soaked by the rain and other wet or cold elements that nature throws at your dog. It’s like their very own weather shield.

Dachshunds lack the hairy undercoat that many other breeds have for protection. Unlike most dogs with a double coat, Dachshunds rely solely on their outer-layer of short hair for insulation. Unfortunately, this makes them really vulnerable to temperature change - especially the colder months. 

As owners, we must be mindful of their lack of curly undercoat. Simply, they can’t maintain their temperature as well as other breeds. So, an an owner - it’s your job to ensure they have an extra layer of warmth for those harsh breezes and wet weather conditions. We’d recommend a well-designed coat, that serves as a substitute for their lack of undercoat - helping to keep them warmer for longer. 

Wire-haired Dachshunds have a much denser coat in comparison to other Dachshund breeds, but whilst the wiry layer adds protection, it still may not be enough for those extremely cold climates. Over time, this hair starts to knot and die, which gets brushed out whilst at the groomers or vet, but this means that they lose that outer shield that usually protects them. This is why it’s essential to keep your dachshund groomed to maintain coat health. 


Reason #3: The Climate

With distinctive physical attributes and upbeat personalities, Dachshunds can be influenced by many different climates which could impact their well-being. So, if you’ve already got a gorgeous little sausage dog, or you're looking to get one, consider the climate of the area you live in and think about how you can protect them. 

In colder regions, the low barrel belly makes the breed much more vulnerable to chilly temperature. So, investing in a coat that adds a protective layer is crucial if you live in colder climates - it provides an extra layer of warmth that will help them to stay cozy and warm outside. 

Reason #4: Temperature Distress

Your dog isn’t going to need a coat all year round, especially in those warmer months - you don’t want your dog overheating and panting. 

But, in the winter months, rainy months or perhaps those months all year around that just never seem to warm up - depending on where you live - your dog will benefit from wearing a coat to stop hypothermia and help with temperature regulation. 

But here are some fun facts for you know when considering a coat for your doggie:

  1. Below 13⁰C - depending on your dogs activity levels or length of their fur, you may wish to partner your dachshund with a furry and stylish coat to help protect them and ensure they’re comfortable on their walks. 
  2. Below 5⁰C - even at this temperature, larger dogs may require a coat. Be mindful of how much running they’re doing and their behaviour - feel free to remove the coat / attach it depending on your dogs needs. 
  3. Minus 5⁰C or less - you know your dog best. But even in these temperatures, your dog may struggle. Consider keeping them at home and playing with them. We find treat hide-and-seek works well to mentally enrich your dog - and you’ll find them worn out by the end of it. 

Reason #5: The Age Of Your Dog

As your dog gets older, their ability to remain at a stable temperature starts to decline. It’s a bit like with humans, where anything except the extremities (so hands and feet) are typically much colder than the rest of the body. 

Whilst the American Kennel Club suggest keeping your eldest dogs at home during extremely cold weather conditions, sometimes it’s just not possible and they need that enrichment. So, for those situations where staying inside is not possible, you’ll definitely want to dress your dog in a warm outer layer - whether a coat or a jacket. 

Some dogs, might not like the feel of a coat on them, but you can train your dog to have positive associations with the coat. At the end of the day, they may look like the most beautiful accessory for your already gorgeous dog, but they do have a purpose in mind. So, let’s keep our elderly dogs warm and cozy during their walks because let’s be honest, they’re not going to be able to run around like when they were younger to keep warm. 

The chances are they’d be going at a much more leisurely pace. And that’s fine - hey, you might be a slow walker that likes to take in nature. But in those situations, let’s make sure we wrap up our friends and keep them happy. 


Reason #6: Protection

"Dachshunds are at a 10-12 times higher risk of IVDD than other breeds, and an estimated 19-24% of Dachshunds show signs of IVDD during their lifetime.” - Canine Medicine and Genetics

Whilst many of the factors leading to IVDD is through genetics, protecting your dogs spine from any mitigating events may just reduce the chances of developing the disease. 

Our coats provide an extra layer of protection for when your miniature dachshund needs it the most. Any action you can do to help your breed of dog should be taken; at the end of the day, you’d do the same for a child. 

“In 2018, the Dachshund breed council’s DachsLife surveys found that out of 1,173 Dachshunds that were over three years old, 21.1% were reported to have IVDD.”

With so many of our favorite breeds being affected, it’s only right that we give them the best possible chance through changes to their lifestyle: ensure they’re warm, avoid wet areas in colder months and try to protect their backs from damage. 

Reason #7: They Just Look Great!

When it comes to your Dachshund, the key in dressing them up lies in finding coats that strike a perfect balance between comfort and style. With their elongated bodies, they are the perfect breed to show off some tailored elegance in coats. 

Opt for well-fitted designs from high-quality fabrics. It will provide warmth during the colder weather, without compromising on breathability during those walks that might be a slightly warmer. 

We believe that an added benefit of coats for your dog is to accentuate and highlight their natural charm and unique physique. But in the world of Dachshund fashion, we must all remember that the aim is never to mask their adorable selves, but to enhance their characteristics. 

Choosing coats that prioritise both fashion and function ensures that your Dachshund looks good, feels comfortable and they'd certainly approve of the added attention they'd get from pedestrians. 

After all, who can resist the charm of a smartly-dressed Dachshund strutting in a coat designed for care?