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Zoom amber dog necklace with aventurine
Zoom amber dog necklace with aventurine

Amber dog necklace with Aventurine

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These necklaces are said to be a natural remedy against ticks. The constant wearing causes the stones to rub off essential oils that spread out on the fur and make it harder for ticks to stay and settle down. Our dachshunds have been wearing the necklaces for years and always had little to no ticks.

In addition it is advised to put a little bit of coconut oil in your dachshunds food and on his fur- smells wonderful and is also a tick repellant. Black cumin oil is also a very good addition to the meals. There are many natural remedies out there that you don’t have to use the chemical ones that are often harmful or can cause unwanted side effects like rashes, paralysis etc. just look for ‘chemical tick repellent side effects’ online! Of course we cannot guarantee that your dog won’t have any ticks, but we can guarantee that combining oils and necklaces won’t do your dog any harm.

Wearing time: The necklace should be worn 24/7. But you can take it off if your dachshund is playing with other dogs and you are afraid it could break or get lost. The necklace does have a rated break point, but still you should not let your dog out of sight while wearing it. We don’t take any responsibilities for any harm taken. The necklace can be worn in the water without any problems. You can dry it in the sun afterwards if needed. Since it is a natural product beads can chip and come off and we won’t guarantee all of them will stay on.

When to change the necklace: Usually after around one year of wearing it you will see that the amber pearls have been polished and then it’s time to exchange the necklace for a new one. Because the pores have been closed due to the polishing and therefore cannot release any more essential oils.

Benefits of Aventurine with dogs: Aventurine will initiate a deep energetic purification of your pet’s body, especially of the vital organs. Its purifying action uplifts overall physical health. Pets with any kind of weakness or ailment can greatly benefit from this gemstone.

Since this is a natural product and handmade, necklaces can vary from the photo.




You can rinse the necklaces under tab water and dry them in the sun afterwards if needed.

The right length: Use a measuring tape and go around your dachshunds neck. Then add one to two centimeters to the neck width, since the necklace is supposed to be worn loose around the neck.

We have two different sizes available for your dachshund:

25 - 30 cm - for kaninchen, miniature and tweenie dachshunds

30 -35 cm - for Standard dachshunds

If you need any other size, please send us an email to and we will accommodate your needs.

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Amber dog necklace with Aventurine


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