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How to prevent ticks in summer

Summer is almost here and we can't wait for our trips to the woods, camping and hiking adventures. Next to all the fun we want to share some easy tips and tricks to keep your little ones save from ticks in order to stop the worry have more time for play and fun.

We want to introduce you two natural remedies so you don’t have to use harmful chemicals that often can cause unwanted side effects like rashes, paralysis etc.

    1. Coconut oil - You can add coconut oil not only in your Dachshund's food but also can rub a little bit of oil on his fur. Not only does it smell wonderful but it is also an amazing tick repellant
    2. Black cumin oil -  A very good addition to your dog's meal is the black cumin oil. Not only a natural tick repellant but also rich in antioxidants you should try the black oil.

    In addition your dog can wear our Dachshund Couture Amber dog necklaces, which are said to be a natural remedy against ticks. The constant wearing causes the stones to rub off essential oils that spread out on the fur and make it harder for ticks to stay and settle down. Our Dachshunds Diego & Carlos have been wearing the necklaces for years and always had little to no ticks.

    Of course we cannot guarantee that your dog won’t have any ticks, but we can guarantee that combining oils and necklaces won’t do your dog any harm.